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No two people are the same. Different desires. Different views. Each one solitary and individual. Each one with a unique way of looking at the world. At Texas Home and Commercial, we understand the need to reflect individuality. So we designed two series of windows that allow you to do just that. With classic shapes and vast combinations to stir the heart and inspire the imagination.

We call these extraordinary lines of windows Reflections and Impressions . Each window is custom built to reflect your exact specifications. Each backed by a comprehensive warranty to reflect peace of mind. Reflections Series and Impressions Series by Simonton. Reflections of they way you live. Reflections of the way you feel. Reflections of yourself.

Reflections Series by Simonton – Features

When it comes to lasting dependability, all Reflections windows are guided by the 5500 design, capitalizing on the unbeatable strength of the fusion-welded and sash construction. For greater economy, Reflections 5100 Double Hung windows feature a mechanical frame with welded sash connections. Both strategic designs utilize innovative product features to reveal that Reflections by Simonton is a window line second to none.

  • Lap-Lok Meeting Rail – a patented Simonton design. The unique meeting rail overlaps and interlocks both sash into a tight formation around fin seal weatherstripping – adding an additional barrier against air infiltrating the home.
  • Stainless Steel Constant Force ¾” Coil Spring Balance System – lifetime dependability. The sash are lowered and raised with ease through a tightly wound, non-corrosive coil spring, guaranteed to never need adjustment for the life of the window.
  • Denny Clip Pivot System – another Simonton original. The unique disc-shaped design of the Denny Clip pivot bar locks securely into the base of the coil spring balance – ensuring the sash raises and lowers easily.
  • Simonton Sill – innovation at its best. Designed for the 5500 Double Hung in a triple-stepped, sloped formation, the Simonton Sill is angled in a downward direction to force water away from the traditional sills, the triple-stepped, sloped design makes it difficult for water to penetrate the home during driving rains.
  • Sloped Sill – form as well as function. On 5100 Double Hung windows, a sloped sill provides a smooth, streamlined exterior.
  • Integral Screen Tracks – a hidden benefit. All screen tracks are molded into the frame of the window to provide a smooth appearance.
  • Screen Frames – built to last. On 5500 windows. Screen frames are extruded for increased rigidity, while 5100 Double Hung screen frames are rollformed.
  • Contoured Extruded Lift Rails – lifetime dependability. Life rails are molded into the sash itself and will never loosen or break off over time.
  • Flush-mount Tilt Latches – streamlined functionality. Low-profile tilt latches are easily accessible and provides a smooth interior appearance.
  • Color-matched Glazing – details make the difference. Exterior color matched glazing around the window pane offers a smooth transition between the glass and sash frame.
  • Double-strength Glass – a homeowner favorite. Optional double-strength glass refers to the thickness of the glass pane and offers increased resistance to damage.

Thermal Dynamics

When it comes to thermal efficiencies, no other way vinyl window manufacturer can match Simonton’s commitment to producing the highest quality, most thermally efficient windows possible. Reflections by Simonton offers multiple features to help control the harsh effects of nature.

¾” Insulating Glass Unit

Referring to the distance between the glass panes, ¾” is the optimum size for insulating glass units. Larger I.G. units have a correcting larger dead airspace, causing air-current convection to increase and U-values to deteriorate . Reflections windows capitalize on the ¾” design for peak thermal performance. Additionally, all glass in the Reflections line is set ¾” into the sash, ¼” more than most other replacement windows. The added penetration protects against conduction because the sash wraps the glass edges like a blanket, keeping the temperature of the glass warmer. This extra insulation helps reduce the potential for condensation by utilizing the latest advances in warm-edge technology.

Low E/Argon-filled Glass

An essential all-season insulator, Low E coatings are comprised of transparent, microscopic layers of metal oxide applied to glass. In summer months, Low E glass keeps cool air inside while keeping hot air outside. In winter, Low E keeps warm air in and cold air out. Low E glass also blocks up to 84% of the ultraviolet rays which can fade carpets, draperies and artwork. In addition, Argon gas (a harmless gas found in the atmosphere) replaces the air inside the insulating glass unit. Because Argon is six times more dense than air, it drastically reduces the transfer of heat and cold, adding even more thermally efficiency.

Regional Low E Packages

To better accommodate homeowner needs within specific climate conditions, Reflections 5500 windows offer regional Low E packages. While homeowners in the northern section of the country are more concerned with cold weather resistance are cooling insulation. Providing optimum performance in both areas, Reflections by Simonton offers two separate Low E coatings which meet specific thermal performance climate considerations. To find out what type of Low E would better meet your home’s needs, ask your Texas Home and Commercial, Inc. representative.

Spacer Systems

One major contributor to conduction and condensation problems is the spacer system, the material that separates the panes of glass. Because traditional , hollow aluminum spacers are four sided, conduction can occur through two direct paths on the top and bottom of the spacer. The fours sided also cause the spacer system to be very rigid, not allowing for movement as the glass expands and contracts during temperature fluctuations. This lack of flexibility can result in stress cracks and seal failure within the glass unit itself, causing internal fogging. To combat the issues, Reflections by Simonton offers advanced spacer systems to minimize conduction avenues and increases flexibility.

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