Simonton Bay and Bow Windows in Austin

Transform the ordinary into the unforgettable with a Reflections Bay or Bow window. Constructed from three windows mulled together, Bay windows provide a warm, inviting appeal to any room. Created by mulling windows in either a 3-, 4- or 5-lite design, Bow windows create a dramatic, circular effect. Whether you choose a large Bow window to highlight a dramatic living room, or a small Bay window in a cozy kitchen, once you’ve lived with a Reflections Bay or Bow, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

Like a strong current masked along the confines of seemingly gentle river, one of the most beautiful things about Reflections Bay and Bow windows is their underlying structural strength and integrity . Well-planned designs and attention to detail ensure every Reflections Bay and Bow combines unmatched beauty with uncompromising performance.

All Reflections Bay and Bow windows feature the same integral features found on the 5500 design, as well as many unique characteristics to further amplify their performance.

The contoured bull-nose trim located at the head and seat board provides a smooth exterior and is constructed from premium extruded vinyl to guard against conduction. Its sloped interior dam fits tightly against the window, forcing moisture away from the frame and sash and providing a tight barrier against water penetration.