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What is an investment? It's a place you put your money that hope will pay you back. Country Manor Shake meets that definition by providing a daily return on your roofing investment you've already made in your home.

First, there's the dramatic difference in curb appeal when you re-roof with Country manor Shake. Your home becomes an eye-catching beauty, the talk of the neighborhood. Appeal like that can't be created with real estate advertising copy -- either it's there or it isn't. And with Country Manor Shake, the appeal is definitely there. Suddenly you've increased the value of your home with a distinctive, lifetime roof. And the increased value will continue to build, with a roof that defies age and deterioration.

Finally, consider the savings you'll realize with Country Manor Shake. There's no need for regular maintenance, like fire treating and pressure washing. More importantly, there's no re-roofing for the rest of your life. That's a sound investment you can take the bank.

Other roofing products are a temporary fix, and an ongoing cost of maintaining your home. But with Country Manor Shake, the roofing investment you make once pays you back forever.

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