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Country Manor Shake protects your home with revolutionary interlocking technology. Most shingles, shakes, and tiles just lay on top of one another on a roof. They react to harsh wind and rain by listing up, blowing loose and leaking. But Country Manor Shake interlocks on all four sides for a proactive approach to weather protection. As driving rain and winds get stronger, the shingles actually pull against one another to tighten up the four-way interlock and protect your home.

But wind and rain aren't the worst threats a roof faces. A roofing product's true worst enemy is time, and the changing seasons. Damp spring gives way to blistering summer, dry autumn leads to cold, wet winter. This natural cycle of change is what breaks down organic materials in nature. It doesn't matter if those organic materials are on the forest floor or your roof: they will be broken down.

Country Manor Shake defies the natural order of things with the highest quality materials. The shingles are formed from high-grade aluminum alloy. Aluminum is the best material available for roofing because of its strength and corrosion resistance -- aluminum cannot rust. The distinctive Country Manor Shake finish is an exclusive Kynar 500 / Hylar 5000 PVDF coating, the best material available in coating technology; architects recognize PVDF coatings as the top of the line.

Superior design and technology make Country Manor Shake defy the elements and last a lifetime. What's more, Country Manor Shake offers protection against the very worst disasters that might threaten your home. Airborne sparks from nearby fire will not ignite your roof. Earthquake tremors are not the crushing danger they are with a heavy clay or cement roof. Even hurricane force winds are no longer the threat they are with a lesser product. You can't get this kind of peace of mind with any other roof.

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